Cats for Adoption!

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These 2 lovely cats are looking for a new home. They are both males, neutered and vaccinated. Milo & Fatso are about 8 years old. They were rescued from the street some years ago but now they need a new loving home that has time and space for 2 loving cats. They are very calm and litter trained. Hoping someone can adopt them and give them a home that they deserve! 
If you are interested in adopting them, please contact Julianne on 99098756 or Miguel on 99891543.

 Help Strays by Donating in Bitcoin 5

Happy Paws and Bitcoin – you can help abandoned animals in Malta.

Happy Paws Charity Organisation is the first NGO in Malta that accepts donations in Bitcoin. More and more people are using Bitcoin as a way of payment so we made it possible to donate in this new currency. We are very grateful for every donation because it lets us offer free neutering for strays which helps to decrease the amount of abandoned animals on the streets in Malta. All donations will be used to treat animals in need.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency, also referred to as crypto currency. They are stored on a virtual wallet making it easier to store and transport your money when compared to carrying a physical wallet with cash and/or cards. Your Bitcoin wallet has a unique address made up of numbers and letters (similar to an IBAN number) which allows you to safely share publicly to send and receive Bitcoin. Bitcoin allows worldwide transactions on a decentralised platform at lower costs when compared to traditional transactions. Visit BitMalta for more information on Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Why every kind of donation is so important for Happy Paws?

Happy Paws is a non-profit organization which depends on donations and private treatments to help the local animal community. We have a group of volunteers who are running our two Charity Shops in Marsaskala and in Santa Venera/Hamrun. Because of the generous donors, and the hard work of our volunteers, we have managed to neuter roughly 15,000 strays and have treated over 50,000 animals, both private and stray, since we opened in 2008. To continue helping your pets and keep giving a better life to stray animals, we need regular donations. We also understand that to achieve our vision of ensuring that each animal has a home cannot be realized by just one organization and this is why we work closely and offer significant discounts to local animal sanctuaries, shelters, feeders and fosters. Every Bitcoin donation will be spent on treatment for those animals without a home.

Not Just for Strays

Happy Paws helps all kind of household animals by offering competitively priced veterinary services for private owners. For those on social benefits Happy Paws offers special discounts where medication is offered at cost price as well as a significant discount on the veterinary fee.

Just in the last month we managed to:

  • Neuter 225 cats and 38 dogs.
  • Treat 86 stray animals
  • Offered veterinary services to 24 animals that belong to people with social benefits.

Don’t have Bitcoins but still want to help?

We understand that Bitcoin is a new currency which not everyone may have. We also accept donations via bank transfer, PayPal or SMS.  You can also support our charity by using our clinic or donating your unwanted items which are in good condition.

23423759 2118157838210266 1488393729 oFound last Sunday on the streets of Zebbug. Very playful and friendly looking for attention of someone who can pet them.They are very attached to each other so preferably needs a family who will adopt both of them. One is a girl, the other one is a boy. They may be a brother and sister.
Dream place will be a house by the fields or with a garden. To adopt please call Nicholas +356 79290194

New Students!

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 Please welcome our new students from Royal Veterinary College in London. Alexandra Shiels (right) and Charlotte Plowman (left) are very helpful from day one. We are wishing them an effective practice with us and a nice time in Malta.


We have just neutered 1000 stray cats this year! Half of them could be females. It means that we saved the island from 9000 abandoned kittens in 2018!


unspayed cat

Christmas coming soon!

IMG 9531 001  We have a great collection of Christmas decorations in our shops.

And Ho Ho Ho..... Santa Claus was already spotted checking out our shops for quality presents. He was very impressed by the Malta Playing Arts. They are sets of playing cards with a twist. Each single card features a unique piece of art from a local artist, and each one has some sort of connection to Maltese history or culture.feature playing arts 770x513


big 001We have a new dog adoption today which brings the total up to 228.

The newest dog is named Daisy. It is a 8 year old white Poodle Cross. Owner's name is Marika Dingli. Adopted from AAA.

A Lucky Stray!

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Lately the weather in Malta is very windy and rainy. Many streets are becoming like a river with all this rain. Strays have less places to hide and be safe. One of them was lucky this morning.
A roughly 2 months old, abandoned kitten from Zabbar, hidden in a car was crying all night, till this morning. People who rescued her, are giving her a new family. It had a check up by Dr. Steve Mercieca and showed symptoms of cat flu and is a bit weak. With the proper treatment she should get better soon. Please remember to bring strays for a check up. Sometimes a small infection can change into a more serious one. A sad story with a happy ending. Thank you for helping strays!"

New dog adoption today!

The dog's name is Laika. She is a 2 year old brown Chow Chow. Owner's name is Kurt Vassallo. Adopted from AAA.


23158219 2109517249074325 590036233 oPlease welcome Nicola Donnelly, a final year student of the Royal Veterinary College in London. 
Nicola is helping in the clinic this week. So good to meet another animal lover who is going to dedicate her work to help animals. We hope you will have a nice time in Malta and get more practical skills with us!
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Veterinary Nurse 

We have an exciting opportunity for a part time position of a Veterinary Nurse:

The duties of the veterinary nurse will be:
Assisting with the surgeries.
Preparing animals for the surgery.
Cleaning the exam rooms, dental room, theaters.
Preparing the exam rooms for the visits.
Assisting the veterinary surgeon during the visit
Ordering medications.
Pricing up the surgeries in the system.
Data management such as x-rays, medicine stock levels, etc.
Registering clients in BeeFree system.
Booking appointments for the surgeries.
Ordering medication and medical equipment.
Data management such as invoices, microchips, blood test results, etc.
Picking up the phones and answering client's questions.
Managing Happy Paws Facebook inbox.

If you care about animals, enjoy working in a team environment, are dynamic, eager to develop your career and are looking for a challenging job, this is the spot for you.
Please send your CV and the covering letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.."

      Veterinary Surgeon
Happy Paws Animal Clinic has a vacancy for an experienced veterinary surgeon.
An exciting opportunity for a Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon with 4-6 years experience, to join our amazing team at the Happy Paws Animal Clinic, one of the best in Malta.
We are offering a permanent full time position.
Qualifications required:
- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
- License of good conduct from applicable state veterinary board
- Comfortable providing services (vaccinations/blood draws/micro chipping, fecal tests) in front of clients
- 4 to 6 years of experience, in general practice and surgery
- Excellent customer service
- Able to provide training in general surgeries to final year veterinary students.
- Able to provide services in a fast paced environment
- Liability insurance required
- Maltese veterinary warrant
Candidates are requested to send their CV to:
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Her feeder found her weak and covered in tar after few days missing. You can not imagine how painful it has to be. Our veterinary surgeon Louise and veterinary nurse Ilija spent more than one hour to remove the tar. Hopefully now she will get better. 
Please do not leave open buckets with tar. You know how curious cats can be!
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