New Student

20906873 2009722595720458 360850042 oWe are happy to introduce you to our new student, Grant Hampson. Grant comes from London and is studying at Royal Veterinary College. 
Grant, we would like to welcome you. We hope you will gain useful insight and professional experience.

Happy Paws dog training

Thank you for attending to Happy Paws dog training with Anna Rahn at our clinic yesterday. If you are interested in more courses about dog's behavior please follow the Happy News page on our website and facebook page. There will be more training soon.

Looking for a Home!

20622604 1990782630947788 1468039040 oThis 2 months old friendly boy is looking for a lovely home. If you would you like to take care of this beautiful ginger cat please contact Tracy 79058428

A goat?

unnamedToday we had an unusual patient. A baby goat, that was born 24 hours ago. Unfortunately her mother died giving birth so she needs help with feeding. Luckily she has an owner who is taking care of her with our help. Held here by Volunteer Katherine. She is very friendly, curious and trying to jump already! is the goat....Welcome to the world, little one!



If you see a dog with a YELLOW RIBBON or something yellow on the leash , this is a dog who needs some space . Please do not approach this dog with your dog . Please maintain distance or give this dog and his / her person time to move out of your way. For more information see:


Thank you WORLD VETERINARY SERVICE for your kind donation.20773541 2001737149852336 427922226 o

How to become a dog leader and friend?
We invite you to the lecture "How to speak to a dog", by Anna Rahn - a professional animal trainer and behaviorist. 
The seminar will take place at Happy Paws Animal Clinic in Marsa on the 8th of august at 6pm. Duration of the lecture is 2 hours. 
The lecture is for all those who want to learn more about dog language and behavior or improve their relations with their pets.
Issues discussed during the lecture:picture
* how dogs perceive the world
* dog's nose - what is the importance of sniffing in dog's life
* signals of aggression presented by dogs
* calm signals presented by dogs
* analysis of dog's behaviours
* why do dogs bite?
Lecture will only be available in English.
Number of seats are limited. Please book your seat by visiting our clinic and purchasing a EUR5 or book your seat via
EUR5 is a donation contributed to Happy Paws Charity Organisation to buy medicine for the sick stray animals that are brought to Happy Paws Animal Clinic everyday for treatment."

Shame on You!!

20446545 1981629411863110 109178189 oToday we had a very unusual neutering. An adult female cat. Everything was normal until Dr.Alex found the first pellet. After a while she found another one, as you can see on the picture. So after a successful neutering surgery, we decided to do an X-Ray. You can see the result on the other picture. We counted 53 pellets! This cat was very lucky to survive, shots like these can leave a cat blind or even kill. At this stage we just have to leave them hoping they will not cause any more pain to this poor cat. It is so sad that these things are still happening. Shame on you!Small Soft Tissue 10 kg Abdomen LAT 7 27 2017 12 07 51 PM 844

Sally Tan Si Yan

20424854 1977401202285931 1650173141 oPlease welcome our new student Sally Tan Si Yan who will stay with us for the next two weeks. Sally is a 5th year student from University of Glasgow. We are grateful for her help. Let's wish her the best for her future veterinarian career.

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