Happy Paws Charity Organisation

"Helping people to help animals"

We create innovative solutions for the Stray animal community of Malta.

There are many "paws" in Malta but only one

Our Motivation

The plight of the homeless, lost or abandoned animals in Malta.

The challenge

Supporting animals living on the streets, that have not been fortunate enough to find an owner. We love all animals, but feel that they are the ones that need our help most.

The goals

To help the faithful Carers and Feeders of Stray animal colonies and sanctuaries. Through free neutering and medical treatment (medication at cost price) for those with a Happy Paws Team Card.

Promote Stray animal adoptions.

Assisting Pet owners who are on benefits, such as relief and pension.

Stimulate animal awareness for school children.

Our approach

Happy Paws is mainly funded by your kind donations and by selling your goods-donations in our 2 charity shops, with the help of our all-important Volunteers.

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