Teamcard Instructions

Team Card Instructions

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Your donation towards our Team Card is 30 euro.  

The Team Card can ONLY be used to neuter STRAY cats and STRAY dogs (cats and dogs living on the streets and continuing living on the streets) for free at our clinic, by appointment.  House pets are not eligible for this scheme.

When we neuter stray cats, we always make a small V shaped cut in the left ear. The purpose of this ear cut is so that other feeders/catchers can recognize that this cat is neutered and therefore does not have to go again through the needless trauma of being caught another time. The ear cut is obligatory, and only the Veterinary surgeon decides how big or small the cut can be made. We do not cut the ears of private cats.

The Team Card holder should be the person bringing the cats in the morning, and collecting them in the afternoon. You cannot lend your Team Card to another person to bring the cats in for you. If the Team Card holder is unable to come with/for the cats, only someone else having their OWN Team card can bring or collect.

Unless specifically arranged with our receptionists, feeders are not allowed to present cats from other colonies other than their own.

It is very important that each cat carrier/trap is covered with a light towel or sheet at all times. For this reason, please do not cover it with anything that is of value. Please always insert a towel inside the carrier/trap, underneath the cat, to soak up any urine.

All feeders must be aware that for every animal brought in for neutering, there is a risk related to the anesthetic. Every feeder is therefore kindly asked to sign a form, giving Happy Paws permission to sedate the animals.

When bringing a cat in for neutering, you will be asked if you would like us to apply treatment should the cat have any worms or fleas. At the moment we are using a product called Broadline, which is a liquid that is applied on the back or side of the neck, and it is important not to touch the cat for 12 hours after application. It is also important that the cat does not lick it, as it is poisonous to them.

Our Veterinary surgeons are experienced in determining whether the cat you brought for neutering, is a private house pet or a stray cat that lives on the street. Should you abuse the scheme by trying to get a private cat neutered by means of the Team Card, you will be required to pay the normal neutering fee of a private cat, and your Team Card will also be permanently revoked.

Team card holders please take note of the following guidelines when bringing in Dogs/Cats to our clinic for neutering :

  • 12 hours before surgery - NO FOOD.  (dogs/cats)
  • 6 hours before surgery - NO DRINK.   (dogs/cats)
  • Cover cage with light cloth and provide bedding.   (cats)
  • Put a sticker on the cage with the name and the color scheme of the cat.

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