Our other projects

Rainbow wall

The Rainbow Wall at our clinic in Marsa is dedicated to both sad and happy events. It can be used to commemorate the passing away of a loved pet and companion and it can also be used to celebrate live. Each day of the year represented by a heart and each heart will be decorated personally by the person who books it. Decoration will be of your choice - so far we have hearts which carry photographs of grandchildren with their pets (the hearts were decorated by the kids themselves) and hearts which show a small poem or just a simple name and date. The choice is yours! (We at Happy Paws will be happy to help in any way). At the end of your year, your heart will be returned to you as a keepsake and you may, at that time renew your booking, if you so wish.

Every heart booked out, represents one days rent on our clinic and your support for our Rainbow Wall will be invaluable.

Book now as there are only 365 days in the year and they are allocated on a "first come - first served" basis.


Children are essential for a better future for our animals. We organise excursions for school classes, to show students the workings of an animal clinic.

The kids will perform a fun supervised mock operation on a stuffed teddybear and get an entertaining general talk on animal treatment and well-being. We also have Volunteers through the Systems of Knowledge Project (Responsible Citizenship)

And Moira Delia regularly makes visits to various school with her animal awareness presentations.

Student Internships

We regularly receive veterinary students from various Universities in the final stages of their studies. After going through all the books and classes, they will experience the real animal clinic world at Happy Paws, of course under the supervision of our senior staff. At the same time giving us a welcome helping hand.. After receiving your application we will send you an information sheet with all you need to know...

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