36,000 Cats and 14,000 Dogs !!!

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36,000 Cats and 14,000 Dogs !!!

On 24th November 2018, Happy Paws Animal Clinic will have been open for 10 years and that is approximately the number of cats and dogs that we have neutered in those years! It is with the support of all of you reading this and all those that kindly donated their things to our 2 Charity Shops that we are able to achieve such an amazing goal!


With that said, we will be holding an Open Day on 24th November 2018 at Happy Paws Clinic in Marsa to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary! From 9:00am till 1:00pm, everyone is welcome to come to the clinic for a grand tour of the entire place or even just to look around.

As an added bonus, any animal check-up on that day will be free of charge! Please note that any medication or treatment resulting from the check-up will not be free of charge. Also both Charity Shops will have a 50% discount on all items!! Remember it's from 9:00am till 1:00pm on Saturday 24th November 2018.

Thank you everyone for making this celebration possible!

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