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We are very thankful to The Alfred Mizzi Foundation for their kind donation which will help a lot of stray animals in Malta.

"The Alfred Mizzi Foundation is delighted to have made a donation to the Happy Paws Clinic in Marsa. The Clinic has been operating in Malta since 2008 and is the brainchild of Maike Beekman, a Dutch national who has settled here in Malta. The grant given by The Alfred Mizzi Foundation will go towards the running expenses of this clinic which offers a wide variety of veterinary services for free with regards to stray animals. The clinic also treats private 'patients' and the income generated goes towards sustaining the work they do with the stray animals in Malta."

The Alfred Mizzi Foundation was set up in 2004  through a resolution passed by the Board of Directors of Alf. Mizzi & Sons Ltd., which in turn traces back its origins to 1915. The overall objective of the Foundation is the promotion, diffusion and safeguarding of heritage, education, the environment and social solidarity.

Ever since its inception, The Alfred Mizzi Foundation has financially helped numerous entities and NGOs . This year, the foundation has also  assisted the Association of Abandoned Animals with their move to new premises as well as the Malta Guide Dogs association through the purchase of a new vehicle. The Alfred Mizzi Foundation  is delighted to be able to help Happy Paws with its programmes related to the work they carry out with our four legged friends.

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